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"Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome...", nearly every revue in the twenties and thirties of the last century started with the conférencier's song. And you just reached his page.


Wikipedia tells us, that the conférencier as the typical master of ceremonies leads the audience through the different highlights of the evening, telling details to the artist's background and contributing to the revue by telling short stories, poems and singing. The conférencier was typical for the european cabarets - you might know the 1966s broadway-musical and later film "Cabaret".

That is the main focus of this page - opening up and showing the way to the following highlights:


Margret & Friedel Volz family pages ***not yet online***

Dr. Frank Volz family pages

Familienseite von Elke, Bernd, Anne und Tom Kredel ***not yet online***

Eckert & Volz family trees ***just uploaded the script - multi-language***


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